Child dedication

PARENTS: Periodically, we offer opportunities for our parents of young children or babies, to publicly DEDICATE their child(ren) to the Lord. This tends to be a very meaningful experience for you, as a parent, and for our church family.

Parents, you will be committing to accept the role of primary spiritual leader of your child(ren) and this moment can empower you to do that.

Your church family will also commit to supporting you and your role of spiritual leader.

This child dedication does not take the place of the child’s decision to trust Jesus as their Savior at some point.

Child Dedication is when the parents decide to raise their children in a Christian home. Baptism is when the person decides to trust/follow Jesus.

Here is a sneak peak at what takes place.

If you are extended family and friends, please stand so we can recognize you.

We ask the parents to write and read a special blessing for their child. There’s something special about speaking a blessing over a child in this moment.


Now, will you be willing to read your blessing to child’s name and allow us to listen in support?

Will you, as child’s name family, promise to love him/her unconditionally as God loves you? Will you promise to teach him/her to pray so he/she can learn how to talk with and listen to God? Will you demonstrate what it looks like to trust God in every area of your life, so that he/she can see what it looks like to trust God? Will you read the Bible to him/her so that he/she can appreciate God’s Word as a light to direct his/her path in life? Will you teach him/her the value of godly love, compassion, service and generosity? Will you make sure child’s name_ grows up in the family of God by faithfully participating in church?


We as members of Radiant Life Fellowship also have a responsibility to these families as they guide their children toward a loving relationship with God.

Will you commit to pray for this family and for child’s name_____? Will you look for opportunities to talk about God with _child’s name______ and demonstrate what it looks like to trust God with every area of your life? Will you help child’s name__ be a part of the family of God here at Radiant Life Fellowship and he/she discovers how God has uniquely created him/her for His purposes.


Present each family with a certificate and a Bible

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Child Dedication @ Church

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  • Apr 10
    6:00 pm
    Dec 31
    8:00 pm